Nick Drake Biography

Nick's Life & Music in quotes

Your first impression of Nick was of incredible elegance. Only later would you notice his shabby lace-up shoes and ill-fitting jacket.

Nick's life and music from the mouths of those who knew him. From school and university friends and aquiantences to those who recorded and produced his music.
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Q & A with Robert Kirby

Nick seems to have become the patron saint of the depressed... Apart from his last year I can assure you that he did have many crazy, happy spells.

Robert Kirby recalls how he came to orchestrate Nick's first 2 albums and sets the record straight about Bryter Layter.
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Q & A with Cally from Bryter Music

He put equal importance on the listener's interpretation as he did his own, rarely being specific as to the song's meaning... The mystery is part of the appeal, it helps the listener bring their own life to the song.

Cally (who runs Bryter Music, Nick's Estate) kindly took time out from his busy schedule to talk to us about the estate's plans for this year and give us a little background on what they do.
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