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Interview with Cally of Bryter Music

PensEyeView are featuring an interview with Cally who runs Nick's estate. Read the interview with Cally here.

New feature

We've added a new section to the site called Other Artists. We'll use this bit of the site to mention a few other musicians we love so check back as we'll be adding new content regularly. The first feature is on Kathryn Williams who is a superb songwriter (and big Nick Drake fan). Read our interview with Kathryn Williams

We're also interviewing 2 Thompsons for the site, Teddy (son of Richard and a fantastic singer songwriter to boot) and Danny (who played bass on Nick's recordings).

Fruit Tree news

Fruit Tree is set to be released any day now. Read the full story here.

DVD discount

The people from MVDvisual are offering users of this site & forum a 25% discount on the Under Review DVD if you get it direct from them. Fans who reside in North America and UK will save 25% by entering the coupon code NICKDRAKE upon checkout. This offer is only valid for orders placed directly with MVDvisual


(The DVD competition has now ended, thanks to everyone who entered).

Pink Moon by Amanda Petrusich

Continuum's book on Nick's 'Pink Moon' is out soon. Not only is it a good read but Matt (who runs this site) and Rupert (who set it up) are both featured in it!

'Nick Drake Under Review' DVD

The 'Under Review' DVD is out now. Beware, the cover says it contains 'classic Nick Drake performances'. It doesn't as there aren't any in existence that we know of. That aside it's a decent and enjoyble documentary and worth checking out. We'll have 5 copies to give away in a few days so watch this space.

New release

Nick Drake’s "Family Tree" features previously unreleased tracks from the vaults of the Estate of Nick Drake. The album, produced by Drake Estate manager Cally, tells the story of Nick Drake’s musical development in the years prior to recording his official debut, Five Leaves Left.

Q & A with Robert Kirby

Nick seems to have become the patron saint of the depressed... Apart from his last year I can assure you that he did have many crazy, happy spells.

Robert Kirby recalls how he came to orchestrate Nick's first 2 albums and sets the record straight about Bryter Layter.
Read the full text here.

Q & A with Cally from Bryter Music

He put equal importance on the listener's interpretation as he did his own, rarely being specific as to the song's meaning... The mystery is part of the appeal, it helps the listener bring their own life to the song.

Cally (who runs Bryter Music, Nick's Estate) kindly took time out from his busy schedule to talk to us about the estate's plans for this year and give us a little background on what they do.
Read the full text here.